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If you are trying to contact me (especially if you need a response quickly) it is probably better to use twitter. I don't log into this account very often lately.


Well, since paint BBS is pretty much officially dead and I'm not all that active any more I might as well say now that most of what's in my gallery was done with the mouse. I had a tablet but it was just a crappy one I got from someone for $20 in college and I just felt it was easier to use the mouse most of the time in Paint BBS. 

Now that that's done with I kind of want to get an actual decent tablet and maybe start just doing stuff in photoshop. I always just kind of posted stuff I did for fun in my spare time, but I'd like to do that again. 

I've also been really tempted lately to buy nice markers and post traditional stuff (paint isn't really an option cause I don't have room in my apartment) but even with a decent job now it's hard for me to justify spending that much.

Thoughts? Suggestions (for tablets, markers or otherwise)?


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Do you accept request ?
If yes, can you make my OC Gumball named Gevaudan at your style please ?
A picture of him :…
Thanks :) (Smile)
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